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Fix Me Stick Reviews

FixMeStick Reviews for Hidden Virus Rescue and Recovery

The chances are that your PC may be under attack from the inside without you even knowing it. Your PC might be in a working state, but it may be slow and unpredictable or simply acting weird. Yes, things can go wrong with our computer, and not all of us are nerdy enough to fix things on our own.

Unfortunately, viruses have become an inevitable part of our lives. A virus breaks through our first line of defense and attacks our system to slow or shut it down. Fortunately, now there is a solution to the entire ordeal in the form of FixMeStick!” It’s a USB stick that has taken the tech world by storm. The best part is that non-technical people succeed every day with this USB stick. Check it out on Amazon. We’ve included a detailed review below.

FixMeStick is an external device that can remove viruses and other infections from your PC like nothing else. Imagine an entire security system wrapped in a stick. Isn’t that the best way to save hundreds of dollars on tech fees each time your PC acts crazy or gets a virus? Statistics suggest that nearly 2 million new viruses are developed over the course of one week to gatecrash our security programs that are meant to protect our computers.

So, is our default anti-virus security program good enough? While security programs are a must, they do not guarantee foolproof immunity against all kinds of viruses. Every once in a while, a virus slips through and stays dormant in our computer waiting to strike when we least expect it. Once infected, the real battle begins.

Either one has to shave off hundreds of dollars towards tech fees or be dependent on nerdy friends to clear all the nasty stuff from the computer.

All this while, one has to deal with slowdown, irritation, frustration and other consequences that might occur due to the virus invasion. More than often, it turns out to be a long battle that one may not always be able to win. With FixMeStick reviews, you will get a good idea about this product. So, let’s get started with the Fix Me Stick review. fix-me-stick-2017

FixMeStick Lifetime Virus Removal Review

FixMeStick is a USB based product that needs to be simply plugged into a laptop or a computer to suck away all the viruses. Please know that it’s not meant to replace your existing anti-virus program, but it does what no other security program is capable of doing.

A typical anti-virus program scans only what is active. On the other hand, FixMeStick scans not only the active components on your PC but also things that might be lurking in the background. It uses three of the best security defense systems in the world to literally scan everything on your computer to completely eradicate all the infections and viruses that have managed to slip through. So, viruses can’t hide from FixMeStick.

Therefore, it proves to be the strongest virus elimination tool. FixMeStick is the best device to compliment the Internet security system that you might be already using. Check the latest price on Amazon.

FixMeStick Lifetime Virus Removal

FixMeStick runs independently of the operating system. It reboots before the windows load, and because it runs before the windows load, it does not let the viruses run too. So, it goes after the viruses while they are asleep. So, there is no way for the viruses to outsmart FixMeStick.

Viruses can’t run or hide from this stick because they are literally caught off-guard. Other solutions fail to attack viruses in this fashion, which is why they are unable to eliminate viruses all the time. The fact that it runs separately from the PC, it can’t mess anything. So, your files and folders are always safe. Regular anti-virus software scans only a small portion of the hard drive. On the other hand, FixMeStick scans 100% of your hard drive.

Each and every file is scanned as much as three times by default. So, all the hidden viruses and infections are caught red-handed no matter what. Therefore, FixMeStick reviews found across the net are mainly positive. It’s simply the best way to treat any infected PC or laptop out there.

FixMeStick Price

Backed by 45 days money back guarantee and lifetime free support, the makers of the product have made this stick available in three versions. There is a regular version for $59.95 for regular people, where one can do unlimited scans for 1 year on 3 different computers. Check out the latest offers on Amazon here.

Another version is for industrial use priced at 299.99, where one can do unlimited scans on unlimited computers. There is also a trial package for $9.95, where one can clean three computers unlimited times for 30 days. Customers who choose to continue after 30 days are charged $44.99 plus taxes for the next year of use.

Customers can call or email the FixMeStick team anytime to cancel their membership. Moreover, there is no shipping cost with either of the packages mentioned above. If you buy the Fix Me Stick on Amazon, you can get some discounts through their Amazon Credit Card Offers.

At the end of the year, one won’t have to order a new stick. One will have to simply top-up their license online, and one should be good to go for another year of virus-free life. Fix Me Stick Price

How to Use FixMeStick

It’s relatively use to use FixMeStick. One simply needs to plug the stick into the USB slot and let it run. The device will reboot the PC and start scanning for viruses. It lights up (red color) to signal that it has begun work. It scans, reports, and removes any viruses or malware that it finds during the job. Once done, one can unplug the stick from the USB slot to re-use it anytime in future.

FixMeStick Download

FixMeStick is a standalone external device, so there is nothing to install and download. Moreover, there is no need to remember complicated serial numbers or passwords. It’s as good as a set and forget device.

FixMeStick Support     

All FixMeStick customers are promised lifetime free technical support. Basically, once you buy their product, they have your back covered at all times. They offer free phone as well as email support. Moreover, the FixMeStick is designed to update upon use to deal with the newer viruses automatically. It will automatically load the software that it needs to update in order to stay on top of the virus threats.

How to Run FixMeStick

The best part about FixMeStick is that it makes a painful process relatively easy. The first thing is to ensure that you have an active Internet connection. The rest is easy as pie. Step 1) Insert the device into the USB slot on your PC or laptop Step 2) Double click on “Run FixMeStick.” That’s it.

Remember, it’s not an instant fix.  If we go by the FixMeStick reviews, the virus elimination process can take several hours depending on the severity of the attack. So, it’s best recommended to use this tool before going to sleep so that you can wake up to see your PC working again at lightning speed.

Does FixMeStick Work On Mac?

FixMeStick works on anything that has a USB port which runs Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and Intel Based MAC systems from or after 2006. So, it works on computers, laptops as well as MACs. Check out the Mac version on Amazon. However, for the FixMeStick to work, one should have at least 512 MB of free RAM on their computer.

FixMeStick for Mac

The working process of FixMeStick is slightly different for MAC. To begin with, one should turn off their Mac and plug in the FixMeStick device. The next step would be to locate the “alt option” button on one’s keyboard. Once done, one should power on the Mac and immediately hold down the “alt option” key.

A menu will show up on the computer screen with different device choices. By making use of the arrow keys on the keyword, one should choose the “EFI Boot” option and hit enter. The FixMeStick will automatically takeover from there and deep clean your MAC from all the viruses and infections. Within no time, FixMeStick will restore your MAC back to good health by saving it from the evil clutches of the stealthy viruses.